How to comment on a blog and get your comment published

Commenting on blogs is one very good way to increase your backlinks to your own blog or website. Unfortunately too many people don't know how to comment correctly or fail to say something meaningful to the blog post which in turn causes their comment not to be published at all. I know that many blog owners put their comments to be approved automatically but most of those blogs are not that popular and will not get useful backlinks to your own blog. You need to search out and find blogs that only have moderated comments.

Now for the tricky part. You must find a blog that is relevant to your own blog or website to comment on. Just because the blog post mentions sexy nightgowns in the blog post is not an open invitation for every porn site owner to comment the blog. In fact I had that happen recently on another one of my blogs. Did the guy who posted the comment "I find your blog a great read and have bookmarked it" with the website URL as (or something like that) really think I was going to approve a comment with a link to his site? Come on now, find a relevant blog to post your URL on. Use the same idea for your blog. If you have a technology blog make comments on other technology blogs. Now you may find that there are a few blog owners that will not publish comments from websites or blogs that they perceive as competion but they are the ones losing out on that since they eventually lose savvy readers that catch on to that fact.

Next you want to write a comment that adds to the blog post, not just simply "great post" or "nice blog". Yes us blog owners want to hear comments like that but not from the same URL on every blog post. Blog owners catch on very fast to what you are up to and won't publish your comments or may even seek out old comments from you and delete them. I also had one blog commenter that constantly posted I have subscribed to your feed. Since that blog had only 2 subscribers most of the time I knew he was lying. I still get that guy trying to place a comment on that blog to this day.

As a blog owner you will find that you will get more and more spam like comments as your PageRank increases. The commenter's are not interested in your blog as much as they want some of your link juice. The type of comments you don't like are the type of comments you shouldn't be leaving on other blogs.

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