Are you ready for some serious shopping?

The Christmas shopping season officially begins in 2 days - are you ready?

I am never ready for this time of year. In the past I have done kamikaze shopping on Christmas Eve. That was the easiest shopping I have ever done. I went into the local Sears and planned on getting everyone a gift card. When I went in there was a huge markdown sale going on. I got 3 Mr Coffee, coffeemakers for $5.00 each and bath towels, the plush kind, for $2.00 I am all for kamikaze shopping. I learned that on Christmas Eve is when all the big markdowns are done and there is hardly anyone in the stores, a great time to shop.

Now for bargain hunting I have found the best prices for electronics are at and Staples (not the online site but the local stores). For other items just shop around. If you live in a large metropolitan area go shopping in the smaller towns surrounding you. You will find that the prices are usually lower where there is less population, because they just don't have the customers.

Happy bargain hunting. I won't be shopping until the last minute because I want some bargains. If they sell out of what I want oh well, there are always gift cards.

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