How I make money online

If you have not guessed it by now, I am a professional writer for the internet. I make my money writing online. I have roughly 10 active blogs that make money for me everyday. This little blog is NOT one of them. This is my how-to make money blog and I can tell you that blogs like these do NOT make much money. There are just too many of them online.

The blogs I make money from are hobby blogs. They are written to entertain and to inform my readers of other things online to look at. One of my blogs has over 1K readers a day but makes about the same as another blog of mine that only gets 100 visitors a day. The difference is the type of visitors they attract.

So why do I have this blog that makes me hardly any money? I really can't tell you, but I do know that I enjoy writing on it. Who knows, maybe one day it will start to get the traffic it deserves. Until then I just keep plugging away at it and enjoying making money on my other blogs.

Psst.......if you want to make money online too, you had better love writing otherwise you will soon give up on making money online.