Niche blogging, what is it?

You have probably heard the term niche blogging, but what is niche blogging? A niche is a very small part of a larger subject. For example a blog about birds would be a general blog. Also a blog about parrots would be considered a general blog. A blog about parrot food would be a niche blog.

If you want to make a successful niche blog all you have to do is write 10 articles with very complete and concise information about your subject and put them up on a blog. Load the blog with your Google Adsense ads and let it go. Make sure your articles will not be outdated in a year or more and you are good to go on making money with it. The big plus here is that you don't have to keep writing more blog posts to it. It is like a mini website that is set up to give people information and you now have a little money maker.

Some people have done that with 100's of niche blogs and if each one of them had several clicks on their Google ads a day then they could be making at least $10 a day without doing anything more to the blogs - ever.

If you have a current blog that you want to turn into a niche blog go for it. An established blog that gets turned into a niche blog will be indexed faster by Google thus giving you more visitors faster.


attygnorris said...

Great tip... creative and smart. Working smart, not hard. I like that.


The knowledge lady said...

Just make sure that your articles are at least 500-600 words long and use your blogs main subject theme throughout each article. I am currently working on 2 niche blogs. One is a weight loss blog and the other one on cheats for online games. I'll see if they work out at making money.

Dee said...

Don't you need to add more posts if the dates show? Or how do you set up the blog?

Also you commented on someone else's blog (that's how I found yours!) that you make 50 a day blogging from being paid and was wondering if this is through sponsors or paid per post . Thanks

The knowledge lady said...

Hi Dee,
You can set up a blog to look like a small website. You don't have to show the dates or even the author if you don't want to. For niche blogging I don't allow comments on the blogs simply because I don't want to keep track of spam comments.

Yes I do make about $50 a day blogging. Right now I have $65 in paid posts I have been asked to do. Those advertisers pick my blogs, I don't bid or grab posts opportunities much anymore like I did for PPP or SS. Some companies even leave comments on my blogs with offers for me to write an article on their website. I also make about $4 a day in Google Adsense clicks. I run about 10 blogs and I am currently setting up at least 5 niche blogs to see how they will work out for me.

I don't make much money if any from affiliate ads but I do place them on my blogs just in case someone wants to buy something.