The cold hard facts about blogging

If you are writing a blog for your own entertainment or therapy then you'll just do fine by yourself. If you want fame or money via blogging here is a cold hard fact - you cannot do it alone. I am not talking about getting readers or visitors I am talking about networking with other people online. Readers and visitors will come but only if you have convinced them to visit because lots of other people do. Here is where you need to have lots of friends visit your blogs first.

The internet has become one great big community. Your blog should appeal to at least some small portion of the community. Join some ACTIVE message boards that you have an interest in. Become online friends with those people and then introduce them to your blog. has a very active community where people will interact with others in promoting your blog or website. Join myspace and promote your blog to other "friends" you acquire there. The bottom line is you need to make friends online and lots of them to promote your blog. One MAJOR thing to keep in mind is NEVER but NEVER make your friendship into a one way street. If you ask someone to visit your blog or promote it offer to do the same thing for them.


Sophie LC said...

I agree, and I find that being an active member of more than 1 network is very time consuming and difficult to keep track of! When you apply to forums make sure that that you follow their terms, you can usually post one link here and there but only after a few posts containing no links; if it is allowed, use your blog's URL in your signature. I have been banned from Yahoo Answers and another forum already after only 2 or 3 posts!

Scratching-out-a-living said...

I haven't been on the Yahoo boards in ages. I find the best social networks are and I haven't tried facebook yet but I have heard it is the same as myspace. My daughter networks on Youtube and has her own "channel" which is simular to the page on myspace.