Link mania, or how to improve your Page Rank

I know how hard it is to just get a foot hold on the internet. I learned how to blog on one of those community blogs. It was fun for awhile until I wanted to venture out on my own. I found and started up a fun, not for profit blog there. I had fun with it and started up a few more on wordpress over the course of the next year. Some I continued with but most of them I shut down. I still have 2 very popular ones there. Each one has a Page Rank of 5 and 6 each. I get about 250-600 visitors a day on one of them, the other one only 100. Both of them popular but alas wordpress says I can't advertise on them or they will delete them.

So here is what I do, I write short blog posts on them directing them to one of my other blogs that I can make money on. That not only increases my Technorati rating with a backlink but will increase my Page Rank in the long run. The key is to link to blogs that have higher Page Rank than my blog has.

What if you don't have another high ranking blog? Simple find a blog that you enjoy reading and make a comment in their comments section. First check if the comment will allow a link back to your blog - some don't. Most of them link to your name or email and not your blog.

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