Offering my SEO services for hire

After looking more and more into how companies have been advertising in the last few months with paid blog posts, affiliate links and companies like click bank I have decided to see if there is a market for me to be hired as a part time SEO person.

Paid blogging companies are approached by companies that have something to sell or need links into their websites. Those blogging brokers like Pay Per Post, Blog to Profit, Smorty and others then turn around and offer bloggers $5-15 to write a blog post with a link to the customers website. What the blogging brokers don't tell the bloggers is that the big companies are paying them $50 or more per blog post.

What the usual result is a poorly written product or website review or even a blog post that just mentions a word with a link to the customers website. Sure the company get some link juice from a blog with Page Rank but what happens to that Page Rank in 3-6 months when the blog looses their own Page Rank?

I have a better idea for SEO for companies with products. I can write a product review and have it listed on a major article website, not a blog. I can also find blog posts on at least 10 blogs that their subjects are almost identical to the customers product or website and write a comment with their website and email listed in the comment form. All that would probably take 2-3 hours and I could charge the company wanting the SEO a flat charge of say $60. For that $60 the company would get 10 links pointing towards their website and an product or service review with a link to their website.

Any takers? You can contact me at theknowledgelady AT

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