Scam alert - the Green Millionare

Have you seen those infomercials about the "Green Millionaire?" The commercial claims to tell you that by reading their "free" book you will know how to get your electricity for free and drive a "green" car for free. DON'T FALL FOR IT! What they want is access to your credit card. The first thing they want when you get to their website is you name, address and email. When you click on submit then they want your credit card for the $1.95 for shipping and handling. Wait a minute..if they are "green" then the book would be delivered digitally to your email addy. After they charge your credit card the $1.95 then you will see another charge for a email newsletter at a whooping $29 or more! That charge shows up every month. The only green going on with this company seems to be in their pockets.

Doing a search online about them brought up huge numbers of complaints. One woman was charged $300 over the course of six months by the Green Millionaire or should I say the Green Scum Bag.

As to what they are offering. I also found out from the complaints the simple fact that the information can be found online for free and is nothing special. I know for a fact that the state of Oregon helps people with grants to install solar power generating grids on their roofs. Each state offers energy saving rebates and incentives so you should check out your own state's official website for links to the information you want.

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