The big iPod Touch giveaway

Here's a great testosterone booster for all you technology junkies - Key Bank is giving iPod Touch to everyone that opens a new checking account. I saw that on the window of my local Key Bank as I drove by it last week. I don't have an iPod Touch so I thought I would check out the offer. Key Bank only has a few requirements to get the iPod and here they are:
  • Must be a new checking account (don' t know if you have to be a new customer or not)
  • Must sign up for the "points reward" on the ATM debit card ($20 a year with the first year free)
  • Must make one debit card purchase using pin (withdrawals don't count)
  • Must make 2 direct payments ($100 minimum) using the checking account number and not the debit card
  • Account must remain open for at least 180 days
There is no minimum amount for the checking account and after you have completed the requirements you get the iPod Touch in 90 days. You have 180 days from the day you opened the account to do the required transactions.

I will be opening an account with them next Tuesday. I am going to open it with $25 and just make deposits to the account to cover the 2 direct payments. I can pay the electric bill and another bill. I'll decide after I get the iPod Touch if I want to keep the account or not.

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