Thanksgiving - Internet style

Occasionally I look at the major Internet search engines to see what everyone is looking for. Most of the days show an abundance of celebrities or news items with the occasional shopping item like an iPod or other "hot" item at the time. Today I just happened to check and the majority of searches, in fact the top 50 at least were for cooking, setting tables, recipes, stores open on Thanksgiving, and opening times for store tomorrow. Guess what was the number one search on Google? The National Dog Show!

With that in mind I am thinking about gearing a business towards dog owners. I think there is money there.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May you have many blessings.


Anna said...

HI there got your link while I was blog hopping. Happy thanks giving to you too. Do you mind exchanging link?

Anna said...

Hi there's sorry I was a little confused on my first comments I left after you visited on my blog, I thought it was a designer I left the message too. I will add you on my blog too thanks again.... Have a wonderful time.