My earnings from eBay Partner Network are up

I am a member of the eBay Partner Network. It is an affiliate program that eBay set up so you can earn commissions on sales on eBay. I have been a member for about 3 years now. When I first started out, eBay had a different sales commission in place. You made a percentage of actual completed sales. Now they pay per click. There have been days when I earned $40 in commissions but since they switched over to the pay per click, my earnings dropped dramatically, until recently.

What I use to do was jump into on going message board conversations about eBay and link to the item or items they were talking about. I didn't do any persuading or "selling" on the message board, I simply added a link with something to the effect "did you mean this item?" or "here is a link to that item you mentioned." That is what got me those high paying daily commissions.

I still do that sometimes but now I have added a banner advertisement to 2 of my highest trafficked blogs. Now I am getting those precious clicks and my earnings are up. Just out of curiosity I checked what people were buying on eBay and they were not buying what I thought they would be. They are buying health and beauty products both of which my blogs are not about. People seem to be searching for alternate medications, herbs and diet pills. Maybe they are making their own home based medications, but I don't care as long as I am earning commissions from their purchases.

So far today, and it is early, I have made $7.51 in commissions on the eBay Partner Network. Not bad for simply a banner ad.


internet marketing said...

i didnt think it was legal to post a link directly to a product on a message board. isnt that against their terms of service?

The Knowledge Lady said...

"Legal?" I don't think you understand TOS (terms of service) as it pertains to message boards. Some of them you abide by a TOS and others do not have a TOS. The boards I have put links to items on eBay, I have been a well respected member for at least 15+ years. They do have a TOS but only to the extent of not talking about politics or religion. I also never just pop a link into the conversation (that would be spammy). I wait until someone is looking for something and asks for a link or direction on where to locate it. Then I do the leg work and find it for them.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you are violating EPN's TOS, not the message board that you are posting. Lucky you didn't get caught.

The Knowledge Lady said...

I did not violate EPN's TOS because I got the message board approved as a website. You just need to get the websites approved before you put links on them.

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