Why do people love to waste their money on junk?

You know what junk I am talking about.....that item sitting in that closet that has gone unused for 3 years now that you just had to have 4 years ago. Yep, that junk. If more people would do less impulse buying and more planning to buy something then we could afford that house we always wanted or own a car without a loan on it.

Making a wise decision on what food to buy will help with long term medical expenses. If you eat healthier you don't have to worry obesity related illnesses or paying more for that so called best muscle building supplement. Just changing your shopping habits when buying food will help your pocket book and waistline. The same advice still holds true, don't buy junk food.

Since food is one of a family's largest monthly expense it also is one that can be adjusted to eliminate high priced, low nutrition value foods.

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