My blogging income just tripled in 3 days!!

I just boosted my blogging income. I could not believe how easy it was. You can do this, it is so simple.

First up you need to know how to use Twitter and have account that is just to promote you as a writer for your blog. You can promote yourself as the blog owner, editor or writer. Once you have that you need to get followers and having as little as 30 followers will get you about 50 visitors more a day to your blog. Here is what you need to do and not to do:

Do -
  • Interact with your followers, retweet their interesting tweets, talk to them, be interested in THEM 
  • Only send out 2-3 tweets a day, some people will unfollow people who tweet every 3 minutes
  • Mention other twitter accounts in your tweets, they begin with an @. They usually end up following you
  • Be selective of who you follow. Just because someone follows you does not mean you need to follow them back. Only follow them if you like their tweets
  • DO NOT Sign up for TrueTwit validation service, it sends out private messages that try to get your followers to validate their twitter accounts. Most people, me included, will unfollow someone faster than the roadrunner when we get one of those messages. DO NOT use that service.
  • Do not auto tweet or schedule your tweets, be natural and there for your followers
  • Do not send out a constant flow of self promotion. Yes you WILL get more followers but most of them will be bots. 
There you have it, some really simple tips on how to use Twitter to promote your own blog. Remember, your Twitter account represents your blog and you, don't treat it like trash or neglect it.

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