PayU2Blog customer service sucks

I have been using many companies for paid blogging posts through the years. Since I have over 20 active blogs many of them have gotten approved and writing a paid post was consistent if not down right profitable at times. During periods of unemployment paid blogging paid the bills and almost equaled my regular paycheck and once and awhile exceeded it. This brings me to one very profitable company that I use to blog for PayU2Blog. Yes I earned lots of money from them, one year over $5K. But that had all ended now.

Around the beginning of January of this year (2013) I tried to log in and couldn't. I kept getting an error message that said "this page is for approved bloggers" written in red letters. Strange, I never had that happen before. I thought it was a glitch and tried again the next day, same thing. This kept going on for a week and then I sent them an email. No response from the email so I sent a message through their Facebook page, still nothing. I then sent another email, still no response. I finally posted on their Facebook page and the only comments I got were from other users, who were also having problems with them (those posts seem to have been removed). PayU2Blog does not like people to use Facebook as a social tool???!!! WTF! Don't they know how to use Facebook at all?

So what did I finally do? Since I no longer seem to be a blogger for Pay U2 Blog, I gave it until May 2013 for any emails from them and when none came I started to remove ALL the paid blog posts from my blogs that I did for them over the years. Some I just removed the links while other the whole post was removed. I am still finding a few of them and it will take time to remove them all but it will be done.

I wonder why a company that use to be so good to me just shut the door in my face without an explanation? I guess I will never know.

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