My blog is real!!!

I actually had this blog rejected by Pay Per Post because it was "a third party site with no real blog posts!" Here is what they wrote or should I say what was generated

"Thank you for your blog submission! Unfortunately, it appears that this blog is being kept up only for purposes of payment through our services and/or payment from online contests, lotteries, pyramid schemes, etc. It is in our advertiser’s best interest that we do not allow these types of blogs to take the opportunities in our Marketplace. But, feel free to use PPP Direct and the Affiliate tools! Thank you! "

Does anyone there even visit the blogs? I just sent a "support ticket" to them complaining about that fact. I wonder if they will even visit and read this!! I sure hope they do. I checked my stats and found out that I had no visitors from PPP, yes I can see who comes here and from where, so I know for a fact they never even visited the blog.

Now if you have ever visited one of "their members" blogs I can tell you they are nothing but advertising. Let's face facts here Pay Per Post is an advertiser that doesn't like advertising??!! Or are they just playing favorites? Give me a break! Here is one of them with ads up the ying-yang Edited to add that the blog is no longer there. Oh well, you get my drift.

While on the subject of paid blog posts, here is a company you might want to stay away from Bloggerwave. I joined them almost a month ago and still haven't heard when I will be paid my measly $10.00 for promoting their worthless site. Believe me there is nothing worse than a blogger spreading bad news about a company, cuz we can spread it fast. Lets' see if Pay Per Post is worth anything shall we? If I get a negative back from them you can rest assured that I will let the world know about it. I will even digg the story big time. I will also take any advertising or promoting off of this blog and any mention of them from past blog posts.


Sophie LC said...

I think the reason why your blog was rejected was because you just had 3 sponsored posts in a row. It is a pity, because most of your posts before that are your own; they should really look at the bigger picture but I think you need to write 2 non-sponsored posts in between each sponsored post. Funnily, I was just on their site this morning; I signed up but still have to wait another month before my blog is accepted. They sent me an email telling me I have an opportunity to write a post about Johnny Depp (yummy!) and then when I follow the link, I see that my blog is still not accepted! Not very logical, is it? Well I embedded the code for PPP Direct in my blog anyway. I will see what happens next.

Scratching-out-a-living said...

I don't think that was the reason since the reject came before the sponsered posts were put up. I even checked my blog stats and found out that they didn't even visit the blog - ever! I can't complain too loudly because those other sponsers are paying me quite well.