The enemy of all bloggers has struck me

Writer's block is one of the worse things to hit a blogger. Going on for days without a single clue as to what to write about. That enemy will destroy a blog in a matter of days. Your regular readers will wonder what happened and new readers will think that the blog has been abandoned. I hate to rehash old tips and hints of saving or making money so I am out looking for more info to pass on to you.

As for my little business let me get you up to speed on it. I have sold 4 whole items online from the jewelry catalog - whoopee! and I mean that in a sarcastic way. I am finding out that items like jewelry sell better in person. I also have a professional embroidery machine that I have sold a few items on eBay. My total profits for this month are $150.00 which is not good for a business. On the other hand I am making about $4-6 a day writing articles for product and website reviews.

Here is an article I did for a website review that paid $4.00
Planning your New Year's Eve celebration

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