You don't need to promote your blog to make it a success

Successful blogs are written not promoted. Why am I making that statement? Simple, the results are in about my little experiment with another blog. Just after I started this blog I started another blog for my daughter to maintain. My daughter is 15 years old so I figured if she could do it anyone can. Her subject for her blog is sea life. It is something she likes and is interested in it. Right now as I write this the blog only has 15 posts and the first post was on November 19, 2007, not even a month old yet. She has a few affiliate sponsors and she likes to put widgets on it like she does on myspace. Also on the blog is that widget that tells you how much the website is worth just like on this blog. I also have the invisible tracking software on the blog to let me know who is visiting, for how long, how many pages they are looking at and what they are looking at.

That blog has had no blog promotion of any kind. It is linked only to 2 of my other blogs. It has about 6-10 visitors a day and some leave comments. The "what is your website worth" widget on the blog speaks for itself - people are linking to it. They are also finding the blog thru web searches on Google.

Bottom line is that she has a blog that talks about what people are interested in, not just ramblings on about how to make money or here is how to sell stuff on ebay. It is the content of her blog that is making it a success not the promotion of it. It boils down to "write well and your readers will come".

OK so here is the blog so you can see it for yourself
Sea life around the world


Sophie LC said...

That is an interesting blog, but your daughter probably talks about it in school, her friends and teachers talk to their friends and families....I believe school can be more effective than Facebook for promotion.
Also, her niche may be less competitive than the money-making thing, ecological matters are popular but she chose to specialize in sea-life.
Congratulations to your daughter for a great blog!

Scratching-out-a-living said...

Not true, she has told no one about her blog. She spends more time on myspace when she is online and she hates her current teacher with a passion. I have to admit I don't like him either - he is a jerk and I wonder how he got the job of a teacher.

The blog is running on it;s own merits without any promotion at all. The Statcounter that I have installed on it shows that all the traffic is coming from searches only.