Obama's speech

Of course I just had to sit and watch what our President had to tell us what he is planning. Most of it I applauded but there were 2 major points that I highly disagreed with. They were the plans to build more nuclear power plants and to start more off shore oil drilling. Where is that man's mind at?

Has he forgotten Chenobyl? Oh wait, that was back when he was just a child in 1986. What does he plan on doing with the nuclear waste that those things produce? Bury it like they did in the past? If they do that we will be seeing lawyers commercials on TV like we do now for Mesothelioma cancer, except this time for radiation related illnesses.

Then Obama mentioned the offshore oil drilling and I about went through the TV screen to strangle him. I thought he was all about alternative energy? Then why take steps backwards to oil? Is he in someones' back pocket? What about the pollution and global warming issues?

I think that those two issues brought up more controversy than he needs and he has to answer to that.


Anonymous said...

You can't be serious? Why is it okay for the US to buy oil from other countries but not okay to drill off our own shores? I guess you are all for creating environmental messes in other countries just as long as it's not in YOUR baackyard? Yes there may be accidents but to ignore our own resources and depend of foreign oil because there maybe an accident is just plain stupid. The US must cut dependence on foreign oil.

Biofuels is a bad idea. You don't take farmlands which grow food and use them to grow fuel. You'll be taking the food out of millions of the worlds hungry and driving up the cost of ALL foods.

The tractors which are used to help grow the crops necessary to create biofuels all run on diesel. It's been proven in studies it takes 1.5 - 2 gallons of diesel to produce one gallon of biofuel. Where's the logic there? One step forward and two steps back, yeah that'll take us places.

The Knowledge Lady said...

Hey anonymous, maybe you have ought to rethink what Obama said. He is all for alternate energy and then turned around and wants to drill for oil. That did not make any sense to me at all. I am against oil consumption period. We should be looking at alternatives. I live in the rural community and we welcome biofuels. Last year several farmers had to plow under crops because they couldn't sell them. They were corn and pumpkins. Biofuels can also be made from algae. Several companies are now starting to make biofuel from farmed algae. All that takes is shallow ponds in the open sunlight.

As the the tractor thing I know of several farmers that have their own tractors run on biofuels - it is cheaper for them to do it.

Apparently you don't have any first hand knowledge nor experience in the matter.

Go Green said...

I too am against fossil fuel use. I have lived in a valley noted for its poor air quality. I am not that fond of nuclear energy either since I grew up close enough to an area that the government use to bury the radioactive waste.

I hope Obama changes his mind on the oil drilling