Taking care of your blog's comments

When you write a blog either for personal reasons or for the hopes you will earn some money from it, you will have to deal with people that leave comments. When writing your post you have the option of allowing comments on the post or not. Some people do not allow comments at all while other blogs know the advantage of having interaction of their readers. Unfortunately along with loyal readers leaving comments a blog owner will have to deal with the spam commentators.

A spam commentator will usually leave a very brief "loved your post" or "subscribed to your feed" with an obvious link to some website or blog about acne products reviews or teeth whitening products. Their only purpose is to leave an inbound link to their crummy website. The link may show up as a link when you hover over the commentator's name after you have published their comment and not as a link in the comment itself. What you have to keep in mind is that by having that outbound link on your website or blog is that you approve of that website in the eyes of Google. You have provided link love to that website. If you have too many of those types of outbound links then Google down grades your blog for not linking to blogs or websites that are similar to yours. That is where paid bloggers can get into trouble. Most of them think that they lose PageRank due to Google sending someone to look at their blog when in reality it is the fact that they have too many outbound links to websites that are not like theirs and very few inbound links from blogs that are like them.

Spammers have no clue why their websites do not do well and it is due to them just leaving comments on blogs that have nothing to do with their blog or website. They have not bothered to find out what SEO is all about.

As a blog owner you can put those spammers out of business and don't allow those spammy comments. You can improve your blog greatly by only allowing comments that add to the value of the original blog post or that entertain your readers. Don't be fooled by those comments that cater to your ego so they can get that precious inbound link from your blog. Guard your comments and treat your blog like gold and it will become precious to you over time.


Meandu said...

This was great advice about taking care of comments. I guess we do get a little carried sometimes in wanting people to come to our blogs and will leave comments anywhere. I try to only comment if the post or article has had something that I found interesting for myself or offered tips that I thought were of value.

The Knowledge Lady said...

I have personally found that most of my traffic comes from Stumble, Twitter and the search engines. I leave very few comments on other blogs nowadays. I use to leave comments when I started up this blog over 2 years ago now and noticed that it really did not improve traffic or PageRank. My readers come because they like what I have to say, not because I leave comments all over the place.