Selling stuff online

Everyone wants to make a living on the internet, whether it is selling stuff on eBay or just having a website that people buy ad space on it. The bottom line is that in order to make money online you have to sell something. But how do you get the money from the buyer to your bank account. One way is PayPal, another way is to have a merchant account. You can process credit card transactions with a sell merchant account but be warned that they have lots of fees: set-up fee, per transaction fee, monthly fee and limit fees. If you plan on going that route then do your homework on what fees they charge.

Of course I like selling ad space and they send me a check. Google Adsense is one of the best ones for that. If you don't sell your ad space directly then you can go through a third party website like AdBrite. They put the ads up on your widget and pay you per clicks.

Over the years I have gone from selling stuff on eBay to just writing articles for the internet. I prefer the article writing because I don't have to ship anything nor is there any transaction fees involved. The bottom line for me is 100% profit for my efforts.

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