The internet allows people to earn money even if there are no jobs close by

I am so glad that I am able to make money online. The extra few hundred dollars a week certainly makes up for the fact that the area I live in has a very small number of job vacancies. If you have the ambition to make a go of making money online then you can do it. What I love about making money online is the fact that I don't have to physically sell anything. That means I don't have to handle shipping or processing a purchase (other than the odd item I sell on eBay) to make money. I either sell advertising on my blogs or get affiliate commissions from ads that I put on my blogs. Yes I also have Google ads but they don't pay me nearly as much as straight advertising does. What I like is the fact that I can have a niche blog and put affiliate advertising on there that pertains just to that niche. If I had a blog about hip hop clothes or skiing you can bet that I would find an affiliate that I could partner with that sold items pertaining to those subjects.

The only thing I have learned is that not all affiliate programs are equal. Some have a bad track record. One that I was a member and will not deal with again is Commission Junction. They do not answer the emails I send them and I have found out they have a bad reputation of ending a publishers account for no reason and then not paying them. If you are interested in any affiliate program, check them out before joining them. Just doing a simple Google search with the affiliate's name and the word "scam" or "ripoff" added to it should get you enough results to help you decide.

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