Avoid the scam "blogdog" like the plague

About 18 months ago I joined a community blogging website that claimed it would pay you $2 for every thousand page views. I thought it was a pretty good deal since I get paid $1.60 for every thousand page views at Associated Content, so I signed up with them. Their name was Today.com and soon after I signed up I was actually earning some good money. Then 6 months into blogging with them, they decided that any search engines that found a blog on there via image search would not be paid for that view. At that point I was just a tad pissed off with them. They had gone back on their contract. Then they shut down their members forum. At that point I should have seen the writing on the wall but I didn't.

Then out of the blue the company sold the domain name in May 2010 to NBC for their Today Show. The rumor was that they got about $3-5 million for the domain name. So instead of giving all the bloggers that worked on the today.com blogging site a nice little payout and then take everything down, they moved all the blogs to blogdog.com and started blocking people from writing on their blogs......me included.

So now my work is not only still up but I can't earn anything for it. I am currently looking for anyone that might be starting up a class action lawsuit against them. They violated their part of the blogging agreement which is a breech of contract.

I have found one blog that is devoted to letting the public know about them, it is called "To Hell With Today"

At least at AC (Associated Contact) I know that they will not screw me over. I have been earning money with them since 2006 and Yahoo just recently purchased them and my views have increased because of that.

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