TV commercials I would love to see banned

I bet you have seen a TV commercial that you thought should never be on the air. Was it one of those lawyer ads for asbestos mesothelioma victims or an infomercial that looked like a real news cast? I have a dislike for those pharmaceutical ads. You know, the ones that are advertising a prescription drug that you have to ask your doctor about and list side effects a mile long. What I don't understand about them is why are they pushing those drugs to the patients? Is it because the doctors know about them and refuse to prescribe them because the side effects are worse than what the drug is treating? Now you know those ads are not cheap to produce and put on the air waves. Are they (the drug companies) hoping to get the money to pay for the ads and a nice profit by pushing those drugs on people who don't need them or are best treated by a cheaper drug? I almost feel like I have invited a drug pusher into my home every time one of those commercials comes on the air.

Of course they are not the only commercials I don't like. There are the fast food commercials that want to ram food down your throat at every opportunity. Even Taco Bell tries to get customers in late at night with "4th meal." Gads, don't they know it is called supper? They are hoping most Americans have never traveled and know that other countries have breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. In England you add 4pm tea. Supper is usually around 9-10pm and is a very light meal....I think that we call it eating in front of the TV at night in the USA. Of course there is the Burger King commercial with the girl on the beach in the bikini eating a burger. You know darn well that she didn't get to look that way from eating burgers. I wonder if she had to binge and purge just to eat a burger during each take of the ad?

What I would really love to see is the cable and satellite TV providers go back to how it use to be.......when you had cable 20 years ago, there was no commercials on it. The only commercials were on the major networks that were broadcast via air waves. It was understood that when you paid for cable, you had paid for the privilege not to have commercials on the cable channels. Nowadays even some of the PBS channels are putting commercials on its programing. Where will it end....or will it?

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