How to deal will blog comment spam

I recently made this blog a "do follow" for the URL on the blog comments. It opened up a flood of really weird comments on posts that were over a year old. I have had to go through each one and filter out where the URL were pointing to. I don't mind the occasional short comment like "great post" or even "you don't know what you are talking about" comment but when those short ones have URLs pointing to some Viagra site or link farm then I just delete them.

That is what is known as comment spam. Someone just leaving a comment so they can have a link to their link farm or affiliate page. Most of the big name professional bloggers have had to deal with comment spam at one time or another. I personally moderate the comments but the bigger professional bloggers have so many comments that they have an automated approval system. They often require a person to become a member of their community before they can leave a comment. That way they are not giving out backlinks to commentators which means that spammers usually don't join their community.

If you have a blog, you must decide how you are going to deal with comments. Comments are often vital for a blog, depending on the subject matter. You can turn your comments off or on or, just run your blog like a regular website. The choice is yours and yours alone.


Jan S said...

That is what I am dealing with right now, comment spam. I also have the occasional wacko that wants to just ramble on about how much they love animals (I have an animal blog) and I don't!! WTF!! I post my heart out only to be torn down on my own blog. I think not. Add to that the fact they can't spell or write so I often hit that delete button.

The knowledge lady said...

I once had someone post an entire review about a product that was totally unrelated to the post. The review must have been at least 2000 words long. That delete tab sure did come in handy for that one.