Shopping on a very tight budget

One of the worse things to me is being forced into a tight budget around Christmas time. Buying just food and essential clothing for the immediate family can be very tough. I remember about 5 years ago having to go into our local super Walmart for bread and milk and not being able to afford anything else. At the time I was forcing myself to eat almost like a bird so others in the family would not go without food. Those times were tough, not because of a lack of income but because of not using money wisely. I cannot stress enough to people that they learn how to budget and not to spend over allotted budgeted amounts. I literally had to force a tight budget onto the rest of the family so we could get out of the debt hole we had dug for ourselves.

Learning to shop on a tight budget can be done painlessly if you not only put your mind to it but also get the cooperation of the rest of your family. Teach everyone they cannot ask, beg or plead in the store for something. If they have a request for something it should be placed on the shopping list before entering the store, preferably at least a day or two before the shopping trip. That puts a stop to impulse buying, which you will find will save you a bundle.

Next don't buy or plan anything like an elaborate vacation to the bahamas, a new car or home improvements unless you have at least 75% or more of the cost tucked away in the bank. If you don't have the money, start saving for it. Do not go into debt for non-essential expenses.

Once you have learned not to over spend, then when it comes time to splurge just a tiny bit on yourself, family or friends then you can afford to do so. Tight budgets have their rewards in the end, but only if you use them for the long haul.

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