Cheap way to get you glasses fixed

We might make fun of the big retail giant Walmart but they do offer a great free service. They will fix your eye glasses for free. I have taken my glasses in there many times to have the plastic/nylon nose rests replaced. I always ask them "how much do I owe you," and the answer is always the same - "we don't charge for repairs."

My husband was always skeptical about them fixing my glasses for free. He thought that they probably think that I bought my glasses there. I told him to take his broken reading glasses in to them and see what happens.

The next day he took up my challenge and got back from Walmart very happy. His glasses, which were broken at one temple and needed a screw were repaired and they also had new nose bridge pads. He was very surprised that they fixed eye glasses for free.......................even if you didn't buy them there.

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