The biggest down turn a business can take

Starting a new business is never easy. Throwing a wrench into the works will almost always end your start up. That wrench is not usually business related but related at the personal level, after all we are all human. My "wrenches" in the past have been:
  • Having a relative make constant fun of my business to the point of harassing jokes and me giving up on it. Looking back, the business was doing fine but I just couldn't take the ridicule anymore. That person is no longer in my life - thank God.
  • Having 2 parents die within 2 years of each other. The grief I went through put all other thoughts on the back burners for quite some time. Plans for starting up a second business were delayed.
  • Pressure from becoming suddenly unemployed. A business should not be started out of desperation, because to establish a good growing business takes time. Time is what you don't have when you are just trying to pay your bills, what you do have is panic mode.

If you can over come the many "wrenches" that life throws at you at the time you are just starting up a business get some counseling or a mentor to talk things out. Your future business success will thank you.

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