Charge it and I don't mean credit cards

This Christmas like all Christmas's in the past run on batteries and batteries are not included! This year to save money in the long run, buy items that are rechargeable. Batteries over the course of a year or more can get expensive to keep replacing. Even some rechargeable batteries go bad like one of our laptops keeps doing every year. Those laptop batteries run about $100.00 or more.

If you do need non-rechargeable batteries and want to save some money do what I do - buy them at the local Dollar store. Check the expiration date on the package before you buy them. Store them in a cool or cold place to prolong their life. I store ours in the refrigerator.

Lastly, don't forget to include batteries as part of the battery operated gift.


Sophie LC said...

If you get gifts for children, avoid battery-operated toys if you can! There are lots of educational toys out there that don't need batteries and a child will learn more from building blocks than a doll repeating the same thing over and over (brain-washing?). Also, parents will thank you (I know, I am one.)

Scratching-out-a-living said...

I know what you mean. Also children are likely to forget to take the batteries out of the toy before it is stored. I have had to toss many a battery operated toy that was rendered useless from corrioded batteries.