A new twist on promoting your blog or website

This little trick was unknown to me a few days ago until I learned it first hand. I had put a link to one of my other blogs on a message board that I frequently post on. This is a large site and has literally thousands of visitors every hour. Someone I did not know posted a reply to my comment on there. This person used foul language and tore into my blog with the following line "no one here is interested in your s***y little blog" so get the F*** out of here". I was upset when I read that, but left it alone and I am glad I did. About 24 hours later I noticed a large increase in visitors to that blog. What people had been doing was looking to see what kind of blog it was just because someone didn't like it. For 5 days now I have enjoyed a 500% increase in visitors to that blog. I am also profiting with AdSense clicks because of it.

I didn't know that a troll could be that good for me!


Sophie LC said...

I guess the phrase "there is no such thing as bad publicity" is true, then!
You go, girl! (I like the word troll:-)

Scratching-out-a-living said...

A "troll" is someone that posts a bad or degrading remark on a message board simply to get a reaction. They like to stir up people and sit back and watch the whole message board go crazy.