My thoughts on "Scratching out a living"

When I first started this blog it was out of pure desperation of finding a way to earn some extra money. I shared my experiences of trying to start a jewelry selling business, which I might add had some mild success just prior to the holiday season. The jewelry business is now on the back burner because I found that I didn't need to earn extra money, I just had to learn how to manage the money I had coming into the household. Realizing that I didn't have to have another part time job just to make ends meet took a load off my mind. I was almost to the point of applying at the local warehouses to be a forklift driver and have to wear work boots, which being an older woman might not be the best choice of work for me. Although in my 20's I did work in shipping and receiving as an inspector with hard hat and all.

Learning to manage the family's income correctly was the best thing that ever happened to get our family back on track to saving for our retirement and college tuition for my daughter. Changing the very core of our spending habits and where I shop for groceries is where we have shown our greatest savings.

I no longer shop at the regular retail super markets but go to the big discount and second line grocery stores like Grocery Outlet. I now shop within a set budget for groceries every week and stay under that amount. I also look for bargains online for expensive must have items like ink cartridges for the printer or parts to repair an appliance.

I also have found that I have a house full of "junk", things that I bought that I no longer need or use. Friends and family have also given me their "junk" because they no longer used it either. I have a box full of kitchen appliances that people have given me through the years. Soon all those items will be either ending up on eBay or taking a trip to the local charity. Just think of all the money that was wasted on buying those items. I could have probably put that money in a good mutual fund and with the interest paid for my daughter's college tuition.

We all live and learn, thank goodness we learn. So next time you want to blame the world around you for your financial problems just look at yourself in the mirror and there you will find your biggest problem and the person to help you out of your situation as well.

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