Tips for your business

When you think of a small start up business the common thoughts run to a desk with a computer or the kitchen table as the site of your first assembly line. As your business grows you will need better work areas like a real office, Lab Furniture or work benches. I really like the professional look of stainless steel for work areas for assembling even the simplest item. The lab furniture often has sinks built in so that access to water for cleaning will come in handy.

Storage will also be a factor in your business needs. I would stay away from storing any item for sale in the garage because of the odors that might leach into it. Speaking of odors, make sure your items, if they are made of textile, have no odors to them. You may have to get a neighbor or friend sniff the items for you since we are often so use to our own household odors we will not notice if the smell is offensive to others.

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