Using misspelled words to drive visitors to your site

Search engines send bots to your website or blog to catalog it for later use. Those scans by the bots pick up everything, including all the misspelled words you have on your site. Most of the time it is good thing that all your grammar and spelling is correct but by misspelling words you can increase your visitors from searches via the search engines.

Not everyone is a good speller, nor does everyone have spell check running or surf with Firefox (which has a built in spell checker). Many people misspell words on searches and come up with only those sites that have those words misspelled. Take for example the phrase bodybuilding supplements. Some people might misspell the word supplements with "suppliments" or separate bodybuilding into the two words "body building". Another example would be the word catalog which can be misspelled as "catalogue".

Here is a suggestion - create one web page on your site that has a very small link to your home page. On that page do a short article listing all the commonly misspelled words for your products, hobby or what your website is all about. Make the article funny and interesting to read and vistors may actually become customers.

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