When big companies goof up

If you have a small company and you are in the process of trying to invent or redesign a product you know how frustrating it can be. Once you think that you have that perfect product and the general public rejects it you now know how the shoe giant NIKE feels. NIKE recently came out with a new athletic shoe for horseback riders (top photo). I don't know where they got the idea that the equestrian clothing market needed a new line of riding boots but they designed one. The new riding boots will be at the 2008 Olympics and so far the design is a disaster.

The traditional riding boot has the zipper located at the back of the boot and the main reason for that is to prevent rubbing of the zipper on the stirrup. The last thing that a rider needs is sores on the tops of their feet due to zipper rub.

Now on to the customers reactions. When NIKE first announced the new boot there was a mixed reaction until the more experience riders started to point out the design flaws of the boots. The look was not so much an issue but safety and comfort were. The spur located at the back of the boot was considered hideous and not needed. The heel was too small and there were concerns as to the safety of keeping a rider from having a foot caught in the stirrup due to the heel size.

Right now I think that NIKE has a lemon on it's hands with this boot, so we will see what the general publics' reaction to the boot will be come Olympic time.

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