How to make money with a blog, step by step, part 1

Since making money with a blog is a fairly easy method of money making I thought I would take you step by step right through the process. I am starting up a brand new blog and I will show you step by step what I am doing and how I am doing it. The income will come mainly from paid advertisements and affiliate links.

The blog I have decided on is called "The Playful Pup". I bought the domain name through Blogger when I signed up for the blog. Right now it is in transition and should be on the domain name soon. It takes about 3 days from the time you purchase the domain name for it to go live. I can still play around on the blog until then.

The main reason I bought a domain name for it was that some advertisers and affiliates don't like sub domains and will not approve your blog if you don't show some sort of monetary commitment to it.

I chose the pup or should I say dog theme because I have knowledge about dog training, breeding and showing dogs. Also dogs are in 1 household in 3 in the USA so that makes the subject of dogs very interesting to people. You should choose a subject that you have experience or knowledge about. Pick a subject that has a lot of other people who share that interest, hobby or fascination.

My first order of business was to make a nice title banner for the blog. I used Microsoft Paint, the free program that comes with almost every computer. I also experimented with color schemes for the blog itself, all found in the control panel of blogger.

Stay tuned for part 2

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