Making money with your blog, part 2

This is the next step in my multiple post guide to creating a money making blog. If you missed part 1 here is the post.

Now that the blog The Playful Pup is now up and running with it's new banner title and the very first blog post it is time to add a visitor and stat counter. I added one from Statcounter. Of course they are free and I find them very useful. Also the one that is on the right side of this blog farther down is very handy too. That one is from HiStats. I like the one on this blog because it will show how many people are on the blog at the same time. That can be a big boost to your readership once you have more than 50 or so readers a day. They are both the type of counters you will need to find out where your visitors are coming from and what they are clicking on too. In the very beginning you can be misled by a rather large amount of "visitors" to your blog, only to find out that those visitors are search engine bots just hitting on your blog. Once your blog has been on the internet for about 6 months or more, expect at least 30% of your daily traffic to come from search engine bots and not real visitors at all. So you now know when someone tells you that they have "X" amount of visitors a day you can be pretty sure they are including the bots as well. I have had the bots hit one of my blogs every 15 minutes for a few days a week. It sure does drive the traffic counter up!

I chose a visible counter for now but you can also pick an invisible one that only you know the stats of.

Stay tuned for part 3 of how to make money with a blog.

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