Making money with your blog, part 4

If you have been following my step-by-step series on how to make a blog that generates money that great and I hope you have learned a lot since part 1. Don’t worry if you have missed the first installments, I will put the links to them at the end of this post.

So far I have bought the domain name, made a banner, joined for some great news videos and news articles that I get paid to display (yes money in my pocket) and have put up some interesting posts at The Playful Pup blog. I have also joined Entrecard for some added exposure for the blog and have listed the blog one just one of the literally thousands of pet blog directories in cyber space. So far I have about 5 -10 visitors a day which is not too bad considering the only advertising that is done is through Entrecard.

Now I am going to list the blog on at least 3 more blog directories and write at least 4 more posts before I start putting up any affiliate links or advertisements for dog supplies or dog training books. I did have one affiliate banner ad on there as an experiment and so far no click throughs on it so I removed it. Not every ad will appeal to your readers so you will need to switch ads around to see what income bracket and age group your blog will attract. Those are the 2 things a stat tracker cannot tell you.

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Imelda said...

nice tips for online money making business. helpful to me.

ybiang said...

Hi again. :) I tried registering to the sites you've mentioned for affiliation and blog advertising. Aside from entrecard though, what type of blog directories do you recommend? Thanks! :)

The Knowledge Lady said...

Since this post was written 3 years ago a lot has changed. I no longer recommend Entrecard and I do not use their service anymore. They have changed ownership so many times and changed their TOS that most bloggers that have established blogs have now left the system. They now want you to buy impressions on other blogs rather than a free exchange like it use to be. I just a quick check on how Entrecard is viewed nowadays and found that they are very slow to answer emails or approve new blogs in the system. As to blog directories, that has changed too. I find that just writing good quality blog posts, having a Twitter account and submitting a site map to Google is all you need. Social websites are more important than just plain inbound links now. Get a Twitter account and Facebook page that ties in with your blog and forget the blog directories.