Popular and awful blogs

Popular blogs are not necessarily good blogs. Sometimes in fact they are absolutely awful. When I mean awful, I mean terrible grammar and often they make no sense at all. Take for example the most popular group of blogs at Entrecard. You would think that the blogs with the most popularity would be fantastic blogs that have a great following and regular readers - you are probably wrong. One of the top blogs listed on their with over 2292 popular votes is The Success. It has got to be written by an 8 year old with no sense of grammar. At the very least it might be written by a person that has English as a second language. One of the blog writer's latest posts starts off with this "One of the important things to maintain our site is consistent to post the articles." That was not the only post with terrible grammar, most of the other posts are the same way. If the only way to become a popular and well trafficked blog is to write like an 8 year old with ads all over the place then count me out.

I took a look at another one that is high on the "popular" list. This time it was Cromely's World. With over 2500 popular votes I thought it might be worth the visit. Looking at the blog it is just ramblings off about anything with a few posts here and there with advertising "I got this or that on sale at so-and-so's". It looks like the blog owner/writer has just done lot's of mutual link sharing and networking. I don't really see why the blog is so popular.

After looking at those 2 blogs I had to find a good one to boast about and I did. The one I liked was Mommies Home. That blog stays on track with the subject matter, makes sense and above all else is written well.


Cromely said...

You make some false assumptions about my blog in this post. I have neither the time nor the inclination to establish the complex link sharing system you think I have.

None of my posts are paid. None of them are ads.

When I come across a product or service I like, I may write a post about it and provide a link -- all without compensation.

Throughout the blogosphere you will authors criticizing organizations and complaining. It's disappointing to think that more bloggers don't offer unsolicited positive comments. Or that when I do it, someone just assumes it has to be paid.

The only advertising on my blog are the Powell's link in my side bar and the links to Powells in my book reviews. I am a member of the affiliate program (YTD earnings = $0). I link to Powells through that same program in both my positive and negative book reviews.

Why? Because I needed to link to someplace, so why not sign up with the affiliate program of the place I would likely link to anyway? I was linking to and shopping at Powell's long before I signed up with their program.

And, yes, my content does bounce around to a bunch of different topics. That's the very point of my blog. The description of my blog on Entrecard and in my blog header describe it as a random collection of rants and raves. It's not focused on a single topic. That's why I put it in the Personal Diary category on Entrecard.

There are a lot of people who enjoy my content. There are a lot of people who don't. That's fine.

But if you are going to reject my blog, do so because of the content -- not because of overly cynical false assumptions about my links and references.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to repost this comment.

The knowledge lady said...

If you would only re-read my original post it mentions "ads", it does not go into if they are paid for or not. Your posts are advertising a product or a service whether or not you got paid for it. My post on my blog was merely my opinion and observation of what I saw on your blog and nothing more.

I for one am not ashamed of the fact that I accept paid advertising so I do not see why you so are defensive in your comment about paid posts.

As to your comment "Throughout the blogosphere you will authors criticizing organizations and complaining. It's disappointing to think that more bloggers don't offer unsolicited positive comments". All I can say is welcome to the internet complete with public ridicule and praise. As long as you put your thoughts on a blog that can be viewed by the general public you automatically open yourself up to criticism. If you are thin skinned and don't like to read the bad along with the good about your blog then make your blog "private".