Age is a benefit for websites and blogs

The older your blog or website is the better the chances for it to be found by search engines. If you have some sort of analytics on your blog or website you can see where your visitors came from. You will notice that your older entries on your blog or your older pages on your website will get more traffic than your newer ones. The reason for this is the fact that those older pages have been indexed by the search engines.

Have you ever done a search for something on the internet and you seem to always come up with results that are over 6 months old? What you are experiencing is the same thing that your own visitors are experiencing.

There is a way to use that fact to get more traffic to your websites and blogs. Using your stats find out which are your most popular entries that are found by the search engines. In those entries make some of the words into hyper links to your newer entries. You are now cross promoting your own blog or website using the search engine. It will force the search engine into indexing your newer blog or website entries and will increase your chances of being found during searches.

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