When will website owners ever learn?

Proper SEO (search engine optimization) techniques are not known by website owners and they should be. As you know I have a blog known as The Playful Pup and it is all about dogs. I get this comment the other day on it about "we have linked to your site and require a reciprocal link back" type of comment. So I checked out the website and found out it was a page of a real estate website in New England. They had lots of Google ads on it and other dog sites listed as well as some sites for exercise and diet pills. It looked like a link farm to me. So thankfully they left an email and I emailed them back and here is my email:

The main reason you will not find your link on my site is that I don't link to LINK FARMS which is what your site page appears to be. I only link to other dog related websites and blogs, yours is niether. I will not be linking to your site.

webmaster - blog owner

I was just a tad ticked off since Google would not appreciate seeing a dog website on a Real Estate site because it does not appear to be a "natural" link. My blog would be down graded because of it. I wanted that website to take it (the link to my blog) down - FAST and the only way to do that mention the words LINK FARM. Here is the email I got back from them:

Our site is not by any stretch a link farm, as we have only 10 links per page, and the site has many hundreds of pages of content related to our business, which includes selling farms in RI, PA, MA, and NY.

Never the less, as your attitude indicates you have no need for links to valuable sites, which would help your site, we will delete the link... no problem.

Have a great day!

Best regards,

Hold on there mister! Your website is not valuable, if it was you would not be begging for links. You also linked to me first, I didn't ask for that. Then you insulated me after I stated my opinion of your LINK FARM. Yes that is what it is.

When will those people learn that the only way to do proper SEO is to link to other websites that similar to theirs, not completely different websites. I can see their website business going down the tubes, unless that has not already happened.

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