Backyard money making ideas

If you are as old as me then you would have come across those home spun money making businesses that used to be advertised in the small ads in the back of magazines. I am talking about worm farming, raising fish in a backyard pool, repairing lawnmowers and a few other assorted "brilliant" ideas.

I actually got involved in the fish farming idea when I was in my early 20's. The fish were Koi and we installed one of those pond kits in the backyard. Yes we were successful and the fish bred like crazy. All was well until early one morning a heron visited our suburban backyard and took our large breeding fish. We were devastated and never got over the loss. We gave up on raising the Koi after that.

I am tempted to try the worm farming now that I live in an area that has a seasonal recreational fishing industry. Have you ever tried one of those money making ideas? What was the outcome?

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