A sure sign that your blog is becoming famous

As many of you know, this is not my real money making blog. I have about 10 blogs altogether and 2 of them are my money earners. This blog is where I report to you about the ups and downs of earning money with your blog. Those 2 blogs that do earn the lions share of money have been around for about 4 years now (WOW does time fly) and each of them earn money in a different way. One of them I write product reviews and use my Amazon affiliate products to put links in the post about the product. In fact Darin Prowse does the same thing with one of his blogs and sells photography equipment. He makes about $17K a quarter from Amazon. That's $68K a year. I have gone off on a tangent, so now back to the main item of dealing with your blog that has become famous.

The first sign that your blog has become famous is spammers will all of a sudden love you. They will leave comments with links to products like adipex diet pills or even use the product name as their "by" line. They leave nothing but useless comments like "great blog" or "I read your blog often and this is my first comment, I don't know what to say but I like your blog." Both of them are spammers. They are not interested in your blog but they do want a link from it to where ever they want to, to boost their site. They also tend to leave those comments on blog posts that are old. One simple way to stop that type of spamming is to go back over your blog posts and not allow comments on them. Many famous bloggers do this. Often they will not allow comments on blog posts over 60 days old. I am just starting to do that on one of my high earning blogs and it is working out rather well. I am removing the commenting ability on posts older than 6 months.

The next sign your blog is becoming famous is when you are able to sell advertising spots directly to people without going through a 3rd party. That is how my second blog is making me money. I charge $20 a month for a small 125 X 125 spot. Since it is on a Wordpress blog that I host, there is a Wordpress plug-in that handles it for me. I currently have only 2 spots left open for this month which is better than the 3 open spots I normally have. That blog gets an average of 2K visitors a day with spikes of 25K when someone has stumbled it or put a link to it on their facebook account. It use to have a PR5 but went down last year to PR2 and is now going back up. It is now a PR4.

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