How I make money with a blog that has no PageRank and only 3 visitors a day

When I first started blogging I use to think that I need either PageRank or traffic to my blog to earn money. At least that is what all the blogger gurus were saying. Since then I have learned otherwise. It is no secret that I do paid blogging on my 6 active blogs. When I first started with those paid blogging companies I learned what they were looking for - cheap back links to the advertisers they represented. Many of the companies I signed up for way back then have gone bye-bye and a few of them took the money they owed me as well. Only a handful have remained. Of those that remain only 2 require traffic or a low Alexa number, 3 require a PageRank and one just wants decent blogs, which they hand approve. That last one is the one that I earn my most money with. It is also the place where I have one blog that has no PageRank and the 3 visitors a day that I can earn at least $20 a week and usually more with.

That one company (which I WILL tell you) wants bloggers that actually work. I first signed up with them about 2 years ago and only had 2 blogs with them to check them out. I would get about 3 assignments a week and I would let them go until almost the due date and then I would do them. I started to notice that once I did those assignments, they would give me more. I soon found out that the faster I completed my tasks I was getting more and more assignments. At the time I was also getting lots of diet assignments with phrases like "top fat burner" that I had to fit into my blog posts. So I got the bright idea to start a blog about losing weight and sign it up with that company. It worked! I was now able to write about dieting without it looking out of place on my other blogs. I get about 4-6 assignments a week for that blog with each assignment paying from $5 to $10 for 60 words. What that company wants is bloggers that complete their assignments on time and are well written, that is it, no rocket science involved.

A word of warning, if you don't complete your assignments on time or refused to do them then they will close your account and remove your blogs from their system. Because of them removing bloggers that don't work, I have more work than ever. Just a few days ago I had over 35 assignments that have to be done by Friday. That's over $175.00 worth of work. Each one will take about 15 minutes each unless the word or phase fits in perfectly with what I will be blogging about anyway and I write more than 60 words.

So if you are doing paid blog posts and you are fed up with getting assignments that don't fit in with your blog's subject matter, don't fight it but make up another blog and make money from it.

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