My heating bill

I just got my heating bill. We have an entirely electric house so there is only one bill for heating and electric. Most of the time in the winter we have a nice wood stove that heats up the entire house so we rarely turn on the heater. This winter we had several days that were cool but not cold enough to warrant making a fire. During those days I just turned on the heater but had it set a 66 degrees. We also turned on our heated blanket that we have on the bed. I was expecting a huge jump in the bill but it only went up by $60. Well I just our electric bill for this past month and IT WAS LOWER THAN NORMAL! What the heck was going on? Apparently we had a person that mis read our meter yet again - that happens to us at least once a year and during the winter at that. So after doing the math on the 2 electric bills we just about spent $10 for having the heater on and set at 66 degrees for 2 months. I can only be thankful that we have a very well insulated home.

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