Millionare resorts to selling her stuff on eBay

This has got to be the sign of the times. Self proclaimed, self-made multimillionaire, Ali Brown (her website is at is now selling her stuff on eBay. Her eBay "store" is at and as of today only sold one item as seen in her feedback score. All of the proceeds are going to "Step Up" a non-profit, but if she is as rich as she pretends to be then why not just write the organization a check?

Why in the world would a multimillionaire being selling stuff on eBay? It just does not make sense. Her Twitter account may be the clue to it all (twitter account is ) in that almost every tweet is a tweet to sell something. She has little or no interaction with her followers at all. So I did a bit more digging.......oh how I love to dig up stuff on people.

First up I could not find anything about this woman other then on her own websites. I did find lots of people that could not get their money back after joining one of her "programs."Of course there is lots of praise about her coaching (no doubt written by people who paid lots of money for it and hate to admit they were taken). But I could still not find out the following:
  1. Is she really a multimillionaire?
  2. Is she even mentioned on the BIG name websites like CNN or Forbes? Sorry Inc 500 does not count since I have never heard of that organization before today.
  3. Other than her "coaching" what is her real business? I mean where does she make her money? Surely not off the backs off all of those people that pay to hear her speak? All talk and no evidence!
  4. I did find a video of her on ABC promoting her book, yet another one on coaching.
The bottom line is that people can claim to be anything online and if they claim to be rich enough, then people want some of that action and then that person gets richer. Talk about a pyramid scheme based on ego! Ali's book, website and everything about her is just her reeking of positive outlook on life and that is it, nothing else just online therapy for those that want to dish out the money to read what she has to say.......even though she herself has only herself to sell.

I now wonder if people are finding out that she in reality has no track record of being successful herself and is just good at marketing her own self. If that is the case then her income would dry up as people wise up. Maybe she really can't afford to write that check after all.

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