Specialized job search websites

Are you just plain sick and tired of looking for a job and can't seem to find any out there? Try a specialized job board. There are job boards online that just cater to one particular type of employment. There are job boards dedicated to pilots, machinists and even tailors.

Unfortunately there are lots of junk job boards out there too. Take my last example of tailors, I took a look at what is out there in regards to sewing jobs and job boards dedicated to them.

What I found was a large number of junk websites that seemed to be put together for one purpose only and that was to attract people with keywords then slap ads all over the site, with little or no jobs listed on the website. Under the sewing jobs I found sewingjobs.org and sewingjobs.net - both are junk. They seemed to be run by the same person and the jobs listed were so old that I am sure that they were forgotten on the site. On one of the sites I found just 3 jobs squeezed between the huge blocks of ads. So did I find a good sewing jobs website? Yes I did. I found one that apparently only opened up on Labor Day (yesterday) and when I was on the site there were 4 other visitors at the same time (they have a widget that shows current visitors). They have zero Google ads and just a straight forward jobs board. You can check it out at the Pro Sewing Jobs Board It also looks like they are getting people to pay for the ads that appear on there so it must appeal to those who are visiting.

So you can see by my small experiment that not all job websites are created the same. Anyone can slap one together but it is the quality of traffic that will make it a good or junk website.

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