I saved $20 today

I made a smart move about 10 months ago that finally paid off today. I saved $20 and I pat myself on the back for it. Here is what happened:

I have a pair of black rubber boots. I use them for when it gets really muddy outside. About 10 months ago the pair I had got a leak on the top side of one boot. I looked at other women's rain boots, but none of them were heavy duty enough for my needs, so I bought another pair that was just like the ones with the leak. I don't know what possessed me to keep the old pair with the one leaky boot, but I did.

Then yesterday my newer pair developed a leak on the top of the boot. It was tonight that I needed to wear the boots outside to do some after work chores and I happen to see the old pair of boots in the mud room. To my surprise the old pair had the leak in the opposite boot that my new pair did. That meant that I could switch my new leaky boot out with the good boot from my older pair. I now had a pair of rubber boots that had no leaks and a pair of boots that both boots have leaks. Now I am wondering if I should fix the rubber boots with the leaks. Since both leaks are on the top of the foot area, it should be easy. 

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