Do not use UPS mail innovations if you want a speedy delivery

I ordered a small one pound item from Walmart's online website store. I ordered the item on a Monday and the promised delivery date was to be on Thursday or Friday of that same week. The item was shipped out from their warehouse just 600 miles south of me. I received an email that the item was shipped out via USPS (the postal service) and I was given a tracking number. The problem was that the tracking number was not for USPS but for UPS. They had used what UPS calls "mail innovations."

How UPS mail innovations work is that UPS moves the shipment then delivers it to the local post office where the delivery is to take place from. Sounds good so far but here is what happened with my shipment:
  • Monday - item ordered
  • Tuesday - package received into UPS facility
  • Wednesday - package sits at same facility as it did on Tuesday
  • Thursday - it finally leaves the UPS facility 
  • Friday - my item just arrives at a location which is about 300 north of me in another state!!! WTF!
  • Saturday - item arrives at local post office waiting for delivery
Now I am waiting for my little shipment to arrive on Monday.

If the dumb shits in the Walmart shipping department had the brains of a monkey they would have shipped my item by regular parcel post and it would have been here in 3 days instead of 7. The shipping cost would have been cheaper too. I paid $1.97 in shipping which is about right for that package size, weight and zip code at the parcel postage rates.

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    Anonymous said...

    The UPS delivery person does not attempt to ring my doorbell nor do they even knock. I was home two of the 3 attempts at delivery. Now the packages are being shipped back to the sender. I have kept a diligent eye out for these packages as they are for my business. I will not use UPS ever again if I can help it. UPS's lack of service is extraordinary.

    What kind of delivery service actually makes the least possible effort, if any, to deliver a package. I would like my packages delivered to me asap.

    Of the 3 "attempts to deliver" my package UPS never rang my doorbell nor did they knock at my door. There is no excuse. I kept a watchful eye out two of the days that I ended up getting that goddam yellow slip. I will never use UPS again if I can help it. The my choice program is a joke and an attempt to extort $40 from the customer. DO NOT USE UPS in CHICAGO. Use FedEX, USPS, DHL, or some other service if possible. You will have a greater chance at receiving your package. DO NOT USE UPS IN CHICAGO!

    I would like my packages delivered to me NOW!