Making money for Christmas

I am known in my family for being very resourceful. I am always finding ways to make or save money. This time of year I clean out closets and list stuff on eBay. I surprise myself every year with what I think is junk and other people snap up right away.

Just a few days ago I listed 15 balls of new rug yarn. I did some research first and found out that some people were selling this stuff online for $5 each. So I put them up for auction with a "buy it now" option at over $50 and it got bought with the "buy it now" within 3 hours of listing. So back to the closet I go for more stuff.

I found a few old sheet music books, one on easy songs on the guitar from when my daughter was taking guitar lessons. I did sell a few of her books that were almost brand new and I found out they were first editions (those things get snapped up fast on eBay).

Now back to that closet.

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