The one major pitfall of running a blog

I really enjoy writing, that is one of the main reasons I blog. The one thing I HATE dealing with is comments on the blog. Not the nice constructive comments I get but those spammy and sometimes nasty ones. On one of my blogs I had so many spam comments that I decided not to allow comments at all anymore. This blog gets hardly any comments compared to the one I am putting on NO comments allowed. That one gets over 100+ comments a day with only 1 or 2 that are genuine comments.

I moderate all of the submitted comments on all of my blogs and I can tell you one way to get your comment deleted instantly and that is to insult me or my blog. After all those people don't have to stay and read and I don't write anything with enough controversy to get people's blood why they have to insult my writing or my blog is beyond me. The thing with those insulting comments they also leave links to websites in them. Do they really think that a comment like that will be approved? Or are they just plain stupid?

So I can't be the only one who deals with that crap, if you are a blog writer how do you deal with spam or comments you just don't want on your blog? Do you approve everything (put the comments on auto pilot) or not allow comments at all? .

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