Organizing your life to remove stress

Stress in a persons life can cause a multitude of problems. Some stress comes from outside sources that you have no control over but there is one that you control and controlling it can remove stress.

So what is the one I am talking about?

Your stuff or too much of it.

How many times during the day have you walked into a room in your home and instantly see a mess? It does not mean you are a clean freak, it means you have too much stuff. So much so that you have to organize it to make it look presentable even to you.

There are whole businesses based around having too much stuff. They sell racks and stands for it. They have closet organizers for those of us that have too much stuff in our closets. There are businesses that store the stuff that we can't even fit into our homes and charge you a monthly fee to store that stuff.

You will find that if you start to declutter your life you will experience less stress. Having less in a room means having less cleaning to do. Having less stuff in your closets means you have more money in the bank. More money in the bank will often give you more peace of mind and you worry less about the future.

The economy may hate me for saying this but we need to stop buying crap. Cheap things are not what we need. When we save money we can still spend it but it would be done with much more thought. We can save up for those larger ticket items we really need like new carpet for a living room that also needs painting for the first time in 15 years. Or going on that vacation that we always complained that we never could afford.

Don't forget, when I say declutter I don't mean give every thing you own away. Sell it. Have a yard sale, go to the flea market with it, list it on eBay or Craigslist. Put the money in the bank. The stuff you can't sell (give it 3-6 months) you can donate and take a tax write off.

Am I taking my own advice? You bet I am. I have been clearing out 2 back bedrooms for the last 2 months and listing the stuff on eBay. So far I have made nearly $1500 profit.

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